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The Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction Working With the Law of Attraction To Attain Great Success

Author: Jo Richards

World renowned author and coach, Bob Proctor identified 11 forgotten laws in the Universe and the law of attraction is one of the 11 laws.

Let’s consider this carefully, it’s not just a question of visualizing what you want, turn yourself into a human magnet and magically it comes to you.  So how do many people find the law of attraction so effective in manifesting what they want?
This is because they grasped how the law of attraction really works in conjunction with the other laws of the Universe.
The Connecting Link

In the Old Testament it was written: “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.  This is how the law of attraction works, through thoughts which actually do become things, but this doesn’t mean that thoughts of your desires will just manifest into the things that you want. Rather thoughts become ideas, and ideas become convictions that cause your actions and these actions become your results.

So what types of results are we talking about? All things in the Universe vibrate and that includes our thoughts. Therefore the results we are talking about must be consistent with the vibration of our thoughts, which become idea, that become feelings, which we turn into actions, which become results.
Consequently, your thoughts are the “grains” which you sow, and as those grains are nourished and cultivated over time, they begin to propagate until these thoughts become action. And as you know, a seed can only grow to become a plant that is consistent with its intrinsic design.
As the Nazarene said: “You will know them by their fruit…you can’t get grapes from thorn bushes and you can’t get figs from thistles.”

So your habitual thoughts will eventually manifest themselves in the results you get in your life. The reason people sometimes think it doesn’t work is because they are guided by man-made time and that’s inconsistent with getting the law of attraction work for you…
What Season are You In?

When you got up to make your breakfast this morning, you probably slapped something into the microwave, pushed a few buttons and within a few minutes had a nice hot meal. But that’s not how to use the law of attraction in manifesting the results you want.
You see, the law of attraction is a natural law, not a man made idea. And so it’s subject to the same principles which all natural laws are subject to. No amount of technology, willpower, belief or marketing is going to change this. It is the constancy of the universe which causes the law of attraction to be.

Bear in mind that the thoughts that you “plant” when you’re causing the law of attraction bring forth results in the same manner that a grain you plant in the ground propagates into a plant. This means you can plant, water it, fertilize it and nourish it for a long time before you even see it break ground.

Effectively nobody digs up their crops to check on them every few hours or days. You have to choose what you wish to have, plant the seed and tend to it long enough for the law of attraction to do its job.

Remember that for most people, the hardest part is clarity of purpose and to have an unshakable belief even when we don’t see immediate results. Keep in mind, everything starts with your ideas… in time, they will germinate.

Persevere even if your actions are seemed inconsistent with your thoughts. Remain focused and listen to your inner voice and follow through with patience and consistency, you will obtain abundant harvest in time… if you remain tenacious.

Bob Proctor identified the 11 laws of the universe, which work in conjunction with each other and mastering these 11 laws will seriously catapult you manifesting abilities. To find out how these 11 forgotten laws can make the Law of Attraction work for you, visit http://www.selfgrowthhub.com/how-to-use-the-law-of-attraction

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/metaphysics-articles/working-with-the-law-of-attraction-to-attain-great-success-3684606.html

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To learn how to use the law of attractiont to manifest a happier, more blissful and abundant life, visit http://www.selfgrowthhub.com to make a start.

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