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How To Select All Friends On Facebook

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It can be frustrating when using Facebook to not have the option to select all friends at once, if you have thousands of friends it is very tedious and time consuming to select them all individually.

I have seen several snippets of Javascript code that some have used to perform this task, but none of these have worked for me, I have tried them on different computers with different browsers but have had no success with any of them unfortunately.

There is a Google Chrome extension available to solve this problem, but it does not appear to be 100% stable.  It works for me on one of my computers, not on the other?  I can see looking at the Google Chrome extension page that others are posting reviews and writing of the problems they are having.

I have used this extension successfully to suggest my fan page to all my friends, and also to invite all my friends to an event created from my fan page.  If I create an event from my personal profile however, it is not available.  The new groups feature of facebook only allows you to add people one at a time by starting to type a friends name.  I also tried this within one of my installed apps, Lexulous and is not available for that either.

Below I outline the steps you need to take to use this Google Chrome extension:

  • Install the Google Chrome web browser if you haven’t already got it on your computer.
  • Click on the picture below to go to the Facebook Invite All extension (by dawagner) – opens in a new window – Click Install to install the extension

Invite All Extension

  • When the extension has been installed, you are ready to use it.  If you would like to try it out go to my fan page here (shameless plug), click like and go to the wall tab.  Under my avatar on the left you will see the suggest to friends link.
  • I find that it takes a long time for all my friends to be loaded into the window.  You will see a ‘Toggle All’ option when you are in the Select Friends window, clicking on this will select all friends that haven’t been invited before (a useful feature).  Remember to add a personal message before you click send… and when you do click send – be aware that this takes so long I honestly thought my computer had crashed – but the invites were indeed sent, eventually.

Select Friends Window

N.B. It is worth thinking about the fact that Facebook don’t offer a solution to this themselves – maybe they consider mass invitations being sent out as being a means to be able to spam people…

If you decide to try it, or indeed if you have another solution – please leave me your comments to let me know how you got on 🙂

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